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Pride Season

Haven't updated much. Been a busy boy between work and hitting up some Pride celebrations and what not. Boston was a few weeks ago and was really fun...probably a little too fun, but that is expected! :-)

Providence Pride is usually my's more low key. This year, Rob and I donated some money and were invited to a VIP event Friday night that Pride and LOGO were throwing. It was cute and we met some actors from LOGO's Big Gay Sketch Show. Ended up going clubbing with them and singer, Rachel Panay. Ended up being a crazy night :-)

Did the PrideFest and parade on Saturday. Went backstage and met Tiffany, which was awesome for me. Her first album was the very first "tape" I bought on my own when I was like 9 or something. Have ALWAYS loved her. Jamie, Catie, Kathy, Katelyn, and Sarah came down fun day.

Rob and I with Tiffany

Rob and I with Julie & Paulo from "The Big Gay Sketch Show" and Rachel Panay

Have all my pics from the past few weekends on my myspace -

Heading to NYC for Pride tomorrow. Rachel is performing at Splash so hitting that up tomorrow night. Doing WORK Friday night cuz my favorite DJ EVER is spinning, Offer Nissim and then Sunday doing the Pier Dance.

Should be a good weekeand!!!!! & then Ptown for the 4th :)
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