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BDay weekend

I had a FANTASTIC birthday weekend this year. I really needed it after such a crappy 08.

Thursday: Hit up the Kiss 108 Jingle Ball with Chris, Kelly, and Frank. It was one of the best line-ups ever. Lady Gaga sent me over the edge. She is UNBELIEVABLE. We were right up front for Ne-Yo and the girls behind us caught his nasty sweaty towel. LOL. David Archuleta was so cute and Jesse McCartney brought it too. Katy Perry was fun and it was just a great time overall. Driving home in the ice storm was not so fun, but luckily my area was pretty untouched.

Friday: We got home right after midnight when it had just turned my Bday. We had a few drinks and what not. On Friday evening, I went over Randys with JoJo and we had a few bottles of wine and dinner and then went out dancing with Vishnu, Frank, and Christy. Sooo fun :)

Saturday/Sunday: My man returned home and we had a glorious weekend. He took me out to dinner Sat night and we just laid low the rest of the weekend and chilled. Went and saw MILK. What a powerful fucking movie. I hope it wins tons of Oscars.

I am very happy today :) & thankful for such great friends in my life!
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